• Reservation.

All reservations must be accompanied by a deposit equal to 30% of the total price of your rental and 100% of fees (10 € for stays greater than or equal to five nights).

This regulation must be received within 5 business days after file creation (optional). After this time your option will be canceled.

Your reservation is considered final as soon as we have confirmed by email.

Without our confirmation your reservation can not be considered definitive.

The full price of your rental is due one month before the start of your stay.

In case of late booking, less than five weeks before arrival, the total amount will be charged on the reservation. If outstanding balance within 30 days of arrival, we reserve the right to treat your booking as canceled and apply accordingly cancellation policy provided for and defined below.

Bank charges of any transfer or check drawn or done on a foreign bank will be at your expense and added to the amount of the reservation.

The customer must ensure against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage, for an extension of insurance for his principal residence or other special insurance for the holidays.

  • Price.

Our prices include all taxes (provision of housing, water, electricity, heating) with the exception of the tourist tax payable locally.

  • Amendment and cancellation of the stay by the client.

In case of cancellation or change, you must notify by registered mail with return receipt.

Any change in arrival date will be considered a cancellation and charges will be applied mentioned as follows:

. If you tell more than 30 days before your arrival, we will retain 30% of the total.

. If you tell 15 to 30 days before your arrival, we will retain 50% of the total.

. If you tell 14 to 8 days before your arrival, we will retain 75% of the total.

. If you tell between seven days and the day of arrival, we will retain 100% of the total.

. If you do not come to the place of stay, we retain 100% of the total.

  • Interruption of the stay.

An early departure will result in a refund.

  • Arrival and departure.

The keys is at 17 pm on the day of your arrival. They must be returned by 10am on day of departure.

  • Deposit.

A deposit of 500 € will be required upon arrival. It will be returned on departure after less any damage.

  • Animals.

Pets are accepted upon presentation of a rabies vaccination certificate, one pet per apartment, you will be required the payment of a fee of € 60 per stay.

  • Claim.

You have 48 hours after arriving to report in writing to welcome any dispute concerning the description, quality or cleanliness of the accommodation. After this time we will not take into account any claim. The inclusion of any claim concerning your stay must absolutely be a letter sent by registered mail with return receipt within a maximum period of 20 days after the end of your stay. We will respond as soon as possible.

Well thank you specify the dates and name of the cottage in which you lived.

Oversights personal belongings in the cottage after release sites can not engage our responsibility.

  • Conditions.

The booking of one of our chalets implies acceptance of our terms & conditions of sale. We present a description and photos for reference. For more information please contact us.

  • Responsibility.

Our responsibility as a landlord may be liable for any loss, theft or damage to personal effects in the chalets.


They comply with the provisions of Decree No. 94-490 of June 15, 1994 made under Article 31 of Law No. 92-645 of 13 July 1992 laying down the conditions for conducting activities related to the organization and the sale of stays. In order to respect the legal provisions, we reproduce the articles 95 to 103 of this Decree.

Art95 - Subject to the exclusions in the second paragraph (a and b) of Article 14 of the Act of 13 July 1992, any offer and sale of travel services or accommodation are subject to the submission of relevant documents meeting the rules defined by this title.

Art96 - Prior to the contract and on the basis of a written document bearing the name, address and indication of the administrative authorization to exercise, the landlord must disclose information on prices, dates and other aspects of the services provided during the stay, such as:

--- The type of accommodation, its location, its comfort and its main features, its approval and tourist classification in the regulations or customs of the host country.

--- The amount or percentage of the price to be paid as a deposit on the contract and the schedule of payment.

--- The terms of price adjustment as provided in the contract under section 100 of this Decree

--- The cancellation of a contractual nature

--- The cancellation policy set out in Articles 101,102 and 103.

--- Details of the risks covered and the amount of cover under the insurance contract covering the consequences of the civil liability of local tourism organizations.

--- The information on the optional conclusion of an insurance contract covering the consequences of the civil liability of local tourism organizations.

Art 97 - The prior information to the consumer binds the seller, unless in the latter, the seller is expressly reserved the right to modify certain elements. The seller must, in this case clearly indicate to what extent these changes may occur and what elements.

In any event, changes to the prior information must be communicated in writing to the consumer before the contract.

Art 98 - The contract between the seller and the buyer must be in writing, in duplicate, one of which is given to the purchaser and signed by both parties. It must include the following clauses:

1 / The name and address of the seller, its guarantor and insurer and the name and address of the organizer.

2 / the different periods and dates

3 / dates, times and places of departure and return

4 / type of accommodation, its location, its comfort and its main characteristics, its tourist classification under the regulations or customs of the host country